Cycling in Sanur

Travelling is not always about touring and visiting new places. It will only make a difference when you get new adventures or experiences. This is what cycling in Sanur will offer you. Cycling along seven kilometres length of Sanur Beach offers an opportunity not just to enjoy the beautiful scenery but also the chance to get to know more about the local daily life and experience an enduring tale of warm traditional Balinese hospitality.

It is recommended to go for a sunrise cycling adventure when the air is still fresh and the streets are still quiet. You can go for miles without seeing any trace of cars. Whether you are cycling in a group or by yourself, Sanur in the morning is really peaceful, which explain why people doing yoga or meditating are seen along the coastline. Get your bicycle to the beach. When the tide is out, there is a broad area of hard-packed sand that may be several metres wide, providing a surface solid enough to support your bicycle.

Continue your morning venture along the beach footpath where you can greet the morning jogger. Here, the track is flat and smooth as the surface is made from asphalt and paving stones. This jogging track, which can also be a cycling track, separates the sandy beach on the east side with area hotels and restaurants on the west, providing an opportunity to capture all the details of Sanur. The scintillating nature of the sunrise and sunshine triggers enough tranquilizers to lull you when preparing to start the daily activity.

While the morning cycling excursion offers a solitude, afternoon cycling at Sanur highlights the view of busy maritime activities. Be it swimming, snorkelling, boating, canoeing, banana boat, jet ski, parasailing, it’s all there. However, you can move away from the crowds by visiting a traditional Balinese Royal family compound and local community fishing, checking out the traditional boat Jukung and mangrove plantation sacred temple, finishing your afternoon at the traditional market to get something local for your dinner.

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