Bali as a Destination for Water Sport Fans

Bali is a popular tourist destination for water sport fans that provides tourists with the possibility of a care-free vacation in a relaxed atmosphere that is typical for this heavenly island. As soon as you arrive and land at the Ngurah Rai airport, you encounter one natural beauty after another. This island is noted for having a multitude of lively colours, starting with its crystal blue sea waters to the lush fauna that surrounds you each step of your journey.

The hotel accommodations are very special, and it seems that the hotels compete among themselves to be larger and better looking. Most of the hotels are quite large, located on a beach, beautifully decorated and equipped, with a swimming pool. All rooms are air-conditioned, and the hotel staff is at your disposal 24/7. With a pleasant smile and proper manners, they are there to fulfil your every wish.

Besides enjoying swimming and relaxing within your hotel’s grounds, you should not miss an opportunity to go sight-seeing, as Bali has numerous tourist attractions. One of the latest and incredibly interesting spots you should definitely visit is the Bali Wake Park.

What is Bali Wake Park?

Bali Wake Park is Bali’s latest top destination for fans of an active vacation, especially for people who love water sports. Bali Wake Park was opened in April 2015, and it opened ceremoniously with a grand attraction: the Island Wake Fest 2015, which was the first Wakeboarding Competition in the country.

Bali Wake Park perfectly combines an active vacation with relaxation, as within its grounds there is state-of-the-art cable system designed around a beautiful lake that spreads across 5 hectares of land. This modern cable system has 8 individual carriers that comfortably transport 8 people at the same time. This cable system is designed in such way that the speed of movement can be adjusted to the individual needs and desires of each user, so there is a variety of activities (and difficulties of activities) for youths and adults. The entire system is designed in a way that it offers different demands for users: there are deliberately placed obstacles in the water so you can go for a smooth ride, or for an adventure-packed wakeboard run! If you fall off the carrier before the end of your ride, a buggy service will come to pick you up, as every cable user is monitored for safety. Within the system, there is a 2 tower system that enables beginner users to take their first steps in wake-boarding, with professional help and support from expert instructors. If you don’t need an instructor’s help, you can brush up on your wakeboarding skills on dual level pool gap. There you will find several different obstacles that will make your ride even more interesting.

When you get tired and need a break from all these exciting activities, you can relax with a drink at an infinity pool bar. The beautiful infinity pool with a bar is located conveniently above the lake, so you will have a view of the entire lake, and watch the action all the time!

If you get hungry, you can choose between two excellent restaurants. There is the Mades Warung restaurant that serves both traditional and international tasty dishes, as well as the Akame Restaurant that serves Chinese dishes, enabling you to truly enjoy local cuisine.

After a treat in one of these gourmet restaurants, how about enjoying a classic, traditional spa treatment? Glo Spa, conveniently located in the park, provides relaxing massages and beauty treatments by local professionals. Give yourself over to the professional, soothing hands of local masseuse masters, and revive your energy within 30-45 minutes.

Round up a day of amazing activities and relaxation with an exciting helicopter ride that is also organized for Bali Wake Park guests. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy in the hidden beauties of Bali that are otherwise hidden from the eyes of tourists. It is easy to reach Bali Wake Park, as it is conveniently situated just a 15-minute ride from the popular tourist destinations of Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.

Bali Wake Park was designed and developed to promote local environmental protection and awareness. Bali wants to protect its natural beauties and treasures, but also to enable tourists to enjoy in them. Environmental sustainability is the key to protection and development, and Bali Wake Park management and staff are completely devoted to fulfilling these goals. The majority of staff are locals because the idea is to improve the social situation in the local community and to enable further local development. Besides, the employment element, Bali Wake Park expect to work on developing and creating future wakeboard champions and competitors—local sportsmen who will compete with world-class athletes in both local and international competitions.

Bali Wake Park is now the first and only wake park in Bali, which will definitely contribute to what Bali has to offer its tourists, especially with respect to water sports and active vacations. Tourists these days expect more from their vacations: they don’t want to just lie on the beach or by the swimming pool and drink a cocktail; they are into sightseeing, festivals, sporting activities and competitions. Active holidays enable tourists to create memories and have something to remember for the years ahead, and Bali Wake Park is just such a destination—one that will help everyone enjoy in active holidays and create some fun-filled memories.

If you visit Bali, make sure to add a visit to Bali Wake Park in your itinerary. We are sure you will not regret this decision!

– Joannes Rhino – Travel Treasures in Bali –

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